Art is the gift that keeps on giving.

Esspé is how I sign my paintings, the phonetic expression of my name’s initials, SP. An optimist by nature, I love to share a view of the world that is gentler and kinder. My studio is located in White Rock, British Columbia, a small seaside community with a pier jutting into the ocean and a view of the United States. I enjoy looking at the work of other artists and I find much inspiration in what they do. David Hockney and Peter Doig are two of my favourite painters.

I have been producing television programming with my husband for over 20 years and we’re now producing online courses (  When I’m not working or painting, I spend as much time outside walking, kayaking or gardening as I can. I also create digital drawings and paintings on my iPad, some of which have become the cards available here. You can follow my work on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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