Love Triangle

Love Triangle

In this acrylic painting of water lilies, I wanted to address the jumble of reeds behind the lily pads. I also wanted to do a lot of negative painting. This means that I wanted to preserve and show as much of the underlayers as I could.  As I painted, I noticed that the reeds formed a perfect triangle and it really interested me to have this triangle which speaks of mathematics and engineering in the middle of what is a very organic painting. And I also liked how it contrasted with the lilypad next to it, which is almost photorealistic in its representation.  I called the painting “love triangle” because I literally fell in love with this triangle stuck in the middle of the tangled reeds and reflections.


30 x 40 x 1.5 (inches)

Private collection

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Abstract landscape, British Columbia, Canadian Art, Cusheon Lake, Lily pads, Negative painting, Water lilies